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After Effects is so much more. With VideoCopilot's Element 3D Plugin there are no limits.

All videos you can see here are created with After Effects.
I used no other 3D modeling software, but the 3D-models are not by me. I downloaded them for free.

Screenshot After Effects

Biohazard Intro

One of my first intros in After Effects.

A simple one with a Biohazard style.

Ferrari 458 Italia Coupé

This is my latest project.
I tried to let this model looking as realistic as possible, but not the background. I like the contrast of realism and some sort of fantasy.

Ferrari 458 die Zweite

I didn't liked my camera tracking in the first rendering. this one is clearly slower and you have more time to see the details and reflections.
Also there are some changes on the lighting.

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Random blocks 

Here i experimented with the particel system of Element3D. That is the finished random rendering.

"N" Logo-Animation

The great thing about this one is i can replace the "N" with anything. Text, logos, symbols etc.

This was one of my "creative works".

"random" Intro

As it says this is another intro animation. I tried something with glass fragments.

I'm not so happy with the glass effects, but maybe i will do a second version with better scattering and lighting.


Here i played with the Multy-Object-Tool of Element3D.

I wanted to simulate a crash of an heavy object on stone. Surely the crash is quite heavy, but i liked they way it looks.

REXprojects Background Frage



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